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AA++ Duplicated tapes


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Quantity Price per unit
25+ £2.00
50+ £1.50
100+ £1.00
150+ £0.95
200+ £0.92
300+ £0.89
500+ £0.87
1000+ £0.82
2500+ £0.70


PLEASE NOTE WHEN SUBMITTING MASTER CDRs PLEASE LEAVE AT LEAST A 5 SECOND GAP AT THE START OF EACH SIDE, , see bottom of this listing for more details on submitting CDRs


From 70p per copy

Our highest quality and most reliable consistent cassette copies yet!

new listing ready to use, (any suggestions welcome)

price starts for 10 copies (price per copy) and rapidly reduces the more you have

We are trying to make life easier all round and allow duplication orders to be placed right here.

Choose the quantity and add to basket then use the message box for details of colours and times etc.

Tapeline over the years have had many types of duplication systems for audio cassettes from Mono 'in cassette' copies to SAM III digibin copies. , but also reel time duplication, stereo Sony/Otari hi-speed in cassette, Tapematic half inch loop bin system and a Tapematic SAM digibin. We'd choose which method to duplicate depending on each order. Short runs of speech perhaps the Sony Mono in cassette, short runs of music maybe reel time and bulk orders loop bin.

OUR BRAND NEW STATE OF THE ART OTARI DIGIBIN is now available for everybody for any quantity providing your masters are submitted on an audio CDR (see elsewhere for master details)


Cassette shell colour:

you can choose the colour of the cassette body from the drop down menu above labelled 'Colour' . It will show the standard colours and some special colours and the extra amount charged per copy for some of those colours. Not all special colours are shown and this may change due to stock levels.

A+B or 1+2 cassette side printing

please select when ordering on this page whether or not you require the tapes to be printed. If you want to have the tapes printed please then see a seperate listing entitled 'On Body Cassette Printing' to add the print plates/sides to the basket. £40 a pair and £30 a single which includes the platemaking and print run. You can submit the artwork by email and if you wish use the template for on body printing found at the bottom of the homepage under the heading 'Downloads'             


General Notes:

please use the message box on this listing to give plenty of details

pick the tape length nearest to your estimate, don't forget the C-? length is double the longest side, a C60 is 30 mins per side

the all clear cassette has a grey inner liner.

duplictaed cassette are normally tabs out (although some shells may only be available tab in)

blue / yellow cassette colour is half yellow and half blue

If you do not need a case please select 'i do not need a case' from the drop down menu and no extra charge will be added

Duplication by downloads, wav files etc need to be discusssed beforehand and will incur charges

Printing plates for A and B side printing can be added (listed elsewhere)

The info for submitting a CDR master can be found under the heading 'Tape Expert' at the bottom of the home page

Not all coloured shells are shown here, please message to check or change request

*Special colour cases, the special colour cases are not listed seprartely but can be selected from drop down menu subject to availablity so a message would need to be added for colour choice. The stocks of coloured cases can vary and not all the colours are always available. We try to have green, red, cream/ivory, aqua, blue, yellow, white and grey as our special colours. These have pins in and a standard clear front case.

Duplication can take up to 2 weeks to complete and if printing of A/B sides is also requirred then possibly  longer but we will always do our best and a queue jump service is available in an urgent situation but that may incur some costs.

Once purchased here your audio CDR master can be sent to:

Tapeline Ltd

72a Stockport Rd East





+44 (0) 161 406 8608

and please enclose full details of your order and delivery addresss/phone and a copy (if possible) of your order.

Submitting Masters for Digi cassette copies:

Keep costs down and quality under tighter control by supplying master CDRs ready to go for your cassette dupes!

please supply your material for duplication on an Audio CDR disc as follows:

For 2 seperate sided cassette copies, either

1. Submit one CD with just 2 tracks. Track one must be the whole of the A side and track 2 must be the whole of the B side. It is that simple. This doesn't mean to say you can only have one song on each side, you can have many but just save them all on the disc as one track, the next track being the B side.


2. Submit 2 CDRs, one for each side, each CDR to have just one track for the whole side, as above the track can contain several songs/programs for the side but just have them all showing as one track


3. Submit one CDR with all the songs/tracks on, seperately. 3 tracks or more. But our CD master loader will split these tracks as close to even sides as possible, the most logical split. Be sure to check your order and timings as the split may end up different to your expectations. It will not change any running order but split the tracks into 2 as even as possible and always attempt to make the A side longest within reason but that is not always possible. So you can, for example submit a CDR with 15 tracks on all roughly the same duration and it will split something like tracks 1-8 as the A side and 9-15 as the B side. But where track durations vary it will aim to get as even duration per side as possible.

For the same tracks/songs on both sides of the cassette copies, either

1. submit one CDR with 2 tracks, track 1 to be all the program for one side and track 2 is the same track repeated.

2. Submit all the tracks for one side as seperate tracks twice, so repeat them all on the same disc. So if you have for example 6 songs to play both sides of your cassettes submit a CDR with 12 tracks on it, the 6 tracks you want and then repeat the same 6 songs on the same disc.

3. (this way actually takes longer) submit one CDR with one track, the one track can contain one or several songs but just save them all as one track and that can be loaded again seperately for side B.

For just one sided cassette copies

1. Submit just one CDR with one track, one track to contain all the contents for A side




Any other formats, including downloads online or discs with multi tracks for each sides on seperate discs will incur some rearranging and take a while longer to process.


3. Please add at least 5 second of silence at the beginning AND end of each CD track contained within the audio portion of the track (3-5 seconds if you can). This will reduce the risk of losing a split-second of program material at the beginning and/or end of each side. 

4. Please ensure your program is free of excessive digital distortion, clipping and extreme low-to-low midrange saturation as any distorted masters tend to get exaggerated by our process and too much low end can use up headroom resulting in a quieter cassette

Call us with any further questions.


Mastering Fees if not submitted on audio CDRs as above, (this method is likely to add additional time to completing an order)

£10 up to 40 mins in total

£15 up to 60 mins


£25 up to 90 mins

Product Code: AA+YI3RF77

Quantity Discounts

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
25+ £2.40
50+ £1.65
100+ £1.10
150+ £1.02
200+ £0.97
300+ £0.92
500+ £0.88
1000+ £0.84
2500+ £0.78

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