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Custom wound blank cassettes


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Product Information

Ferric Music grade cassette tapes wound to length

*****PLEASE NOTE**** if you order 'All Clear' here from the dropdown menu you will be ordering and receive the all clear cassette with the grey inside liner. It is the one in the first picture on the left, next to the black. The clear in the other photo (held up to the sky) is new and back in stock

Available in black, white, smokey clear or all clear (grey liner) with record tabs in place. 

Any length you choose here.

suitable for real time or high speed copying

length shown here up to C65 all at the same price but also available here upto C95 for an addational few pence.

see other entries for longer tape lengths C100-C130



















Product Code: CUSC5WMN83

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Great for retro computing data storage

Retro data recording with 4Kbits/s is absolutely no problem with these. Went even up to 6Kbit/s with a Commodore datassette. But you might want to add about 30% backup stash to your orders since those old tape drives tend to make salad of this product. Perhaps the tape is too thin for 1980s hardware. Don't really know. However, the tapes that make it can be overwritten a hundred times with no detectable loss of quality.

Sven Klose :: 21 Mar 2016, 14:41

Tipical tape...

Perfect for your band's demo tapes or for your private collection; add a sticker and it's very very nice...

Emanuele Lago :: 12 Feb 2013, 14:13

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