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Duplicated cassette tapes


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Product Information

New easier listing for ordering duplicated cassettes. (this listing is not yet fully complete although it can be used to order your cassette copies now)

10 copies minimum run at £2.65 each but the more you have the cheaper they get. For example 100 copies are £1 per copy


Don't worry about the tape length as we will work it out exactly. The cost is the same for every tape length up to a C66, so that is 33 minutes on each side of the tape. When ordering here please select the tape length as C66 even if it only 10 minutes long. If your program goes over 33 mins per side then please select C75 but if it is really long and is 38 minutes or more per side then you will need to order C92. (38 to 46 mins per side). Mega long tapes are tricky but possible so we can, if you must, go beyond 46 mins per side, even above C100 but please ask first and we can work out a costing


Use the dropdown menu to add a library case if you need one.


If you want on body side printing or printed side labels please see the other listings and add from there.


Colour of the cassette can be chosen from our entire available range. You simply message the colour you want in the message box when ordering but select one from the 3 different types as follows:

Regular stocked cassettes are all standard colours, such as Red, Blue, green, orange, yellow, grey plus our black, white and clear shells. No extra cost

Fancy colours will be all our more expensive shells such as twin colour black/red, metalic liner, glitter tapes and maybe some limited stock, if in doubt just check.

Special request cassette colours would be extra special one offs

Please note, our stock level can vary at times so if your cassette colour has to be 100% spot on or nothing else it would probably be wise to check availabilty first.


When ordering here please use the message box to tell us as much details as you can about your duplication order. We will check all the details and quite often confirm and double check certain points with you directly. And once placed you can forward artwork for printing and wetransfer/download links for the audio to but please remember to use your ordering name and/or order number as a reference to help keep everything together.


If you prefer you can send the audio on CDR and artwork via the post to:

Tapeline Ltd

72a Stockport Road East,





Tel: (+44) 0161 406 8608

and again if doing so please include your order number as reference.



Product Code: newdub

Quantity Discounts

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
25+ £2.40
50+ £1.65
100+ £1.10
150+ £1.02
200+ £0.97
300+ £0.92
400+ £0.88
500+ £0.84
750+ £0.80
1000+ £0.78
2000+ £0.77

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